Kristin Samadi performs piano music of Edward J. Hines

Aksak for Piano-hinesmusic.com Piano Solo • Twelve Movements
Based on Turkish rhythms and melodies.

"Fascinating rhythms and tonalities!" - Barbara Arens, pianist, composer, works published by Breitkopf & Hartel and Editions Musica Ferrum

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Aksak No 1-5Aksak No 2-7Aksak No 3-9Aksak No 4-5Aksak No 5-7Aksak No 6-9Aksak No 7-5Aksak No 8-7Aksak No 9-9Aksak No 10-10Aksak No 11-7Aksak No 12-9
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Performed by Kristin Samadi • Composed by Edward J Hines

Aksak for Piano is a collection of twelve works that explore rhythms in 5, 7 and 9 time (aksak). Some of the pieces are arrangements of traditional Turkish folk songs while others are inventions. The first sketches were composed in 2007 with the completion of the work ten years later.

The recording of this collection began in the Spring of 2020, and was accomplished remotely during to the Covid-19 pandemic. Six movements were recorded in Ms. Samadi's Forest Hills, New York, home. In late September 2020, the Samadi's relocated to the United Kingdom. The remaining movements were then recorded, using the same piano, from their new home in Cambridge. Aksak for Piano is Ms. Samadi's debut album.

New York City native Kristin Barone-Samadi, has been a professional pianist and teacher since 2005. She received her BA in Performance from Adelphi University. Graduating cum laude (2006), she was the recipient of the James Gould Award for Excellence in Music, and then served on the music faculty at Adelphi. She is a mother of two and is married to composer Saman Samadi.

Edward J. Hines is an ASCAP award winning composer, publisher, performer and educator, who has researched Middle Eastern music and dance since the 1980's. His original works connect music philosophies of the Middle East and West. He is a graduate of Bennington College in Vermont (BA 1981, MFA 1983) where he was the 1981 Presser Scholar. Hines was a 1985 Fulbright scholar to the Republic of Turkey where he researched composition, ethnomusicology and Turkish art music.