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"Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children are valuable resources for my music education students here at Ithaca College. It is material that can be easily adapted for any grade level. My college students thoroughly enjoyed learning authentic songs and dances from this part of the world which they have very little knowledge or experience with. It should be included in any multicultural educational curriculum."-Dr. Baruch J. Whitehead, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Ithaca College School of Music

"Today I taught my second and third grade classes the Pot Cover Dance from your book. These two classes are among my most challenging and it is often difficult to get them to try something outside their own culture...They really got into it...we added finger cymbals to substitute for pot covers, it just added to the fun of the piece, and they all can find Turkey on a map now. Thank you!"-JT, Texas K-12 Music Educator

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Ali Baba'nin Ciftligi (Ali Baba's Farm)Mehter Marsi (Old Army March)Usudum I am Cold-Playground Song)Tren Gelir Hos Gelir (The Train Song)Seftali Agaclari-Tinni Minni Hanim (Peach Trees)Postaci (Postman)Tencere Kapagi Dansi (Pot Dance)Indim Dere Irmaga (I Went Down to the River)Demirciler Demiri Nasil Dogerler? (How Do Blacksmiths Forge Iron?)Istemem Baba Cim! (Father I Don't Want Him!)Kasap Havasi (Butcher's Dance)Hicaz Ninni (Lullaby in Hicaz Makam)
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PDF Teacher's Guide
Middle Eastern Songs and
Dances for Children

This first volume of Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children is designed for those who wish to learn about Middle Eastern cultures in the classroom or at home. Together with the companion guide Teacher's Guide to Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children, learn traditional folk dances, songs and activities from the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is a democracy whose citizens are primarily Islamic. It is part of the Near and Middle East and has territory in both Europe and Asia.

Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children features eleven traditional folk songs performed by the group ANATOLIA. ANATOLIA is a western Massachusetts-based group of talented musicians whose love and dedication to Middle Eastern music has earned them wide acclaim from both ethnomusicologists and audiences at sold-out performances. The CD explores the rich acoustic sounds of Middle Eastern folk music instruments including kanun (zither), baglama and buzuq (long neck lutes), divan sazi (large baglama), ud (short neck lute, also known as oud), klarnet (clarinet), keman (violin), bandir (also known as deff), riqq (tambourine), darbuka (dumbek), tabla, zills (finger cymbals) ,sipsi (single cane reed), zurna (double reed shawm), akordeon (accordion) and vocals.

ANATOLIA's first CD Folk Songs and Dance Music of Turkey and the Arab World was released in 1996. Lost Songs of Palestine was released in February, 2001. Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children was released in 2005.