Lost Songs of Palestine

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Performed by the World Music Group ANATOLIA;
Re-released June, 2011


Lost Songs of Palestine-hinesmusic.com "Lovely, simply lovely."-Jack Shaheen, Author Reel Bad Arabs and former CBS News consultant on Middle East affairs
"Lost Songs of Palestine is wonderful. It brought tears to my mother's eyes when she first heard it. I have shared the wonderful music with many of my relatives. "-R.K., Germantown, MD
"..the best authentic folkloric music I've heard. "-R.O. Santa Clara, CA
"..an unexpected gem "-Aramco World
"I grew up with these songs and they were played at every party and wedding, but I never knew the words since I was raised in America. This music just warms my heart and brings back so many happy memories for me. Thank you very much for making this CD possible for us, "The Lost Children of Palestine" and may God bless you! "-Sonia (USA)

Listen to Samples (mp3):
Weyn A RamallahArrozanaDommak DoomYa Meet MasaMarmar ZamaaniAla Dal'oonaYa HweydalakHousnak Ya ZeynMouwashshah Lamma Bada YatathannaAl Yadil Yadi
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Lost Songs of Palestine is a collection of traditional folk songs which have been sung by generations of Palestinians, but which have been recently overshadowed after years of occupation. With an outstanding performance by the world music group ANATOLIA, Lost Songs of Palestine captures the essence of a time long past and a future long awaited. Lost Songs of Palestine is a masterpiece which will inspire both Arabic and non-Arabic listeners.

The CD features both solo improvisations (taqasim) as well as ensemble works (both vocal and instrumental) representing traditional Palestinian urban and village music. Some of the songs are found in other parts of the Arab world where they are sung in popularized versions. But for Westerners, Lost Songs of Palestineis a new opportunity to learn about the culture and rich musical heritage of an ancient people.

ANATOLIA is a western Massachusetts-based group of talented musicians whose love and dedication to Middle Eastern music has earned them wide acclaim from both ethnomusicologists and audiences at sold-out performances. The musicians of ANATOLIA perform on authentic Middle Eastern folk music instruments including kanun (zither), baglama (long neck lute, also known as saz), divan sazi (large baglama), ud (short neck lute, also known as oud), klarnet (clarinet), keman (violin), nay (end blown flute, also known as ney), bandir (also known as deff), riqq (tambourine), mazhar (large tambourine), darbuka (dumbek), tabla, zills (finger cymbals) and vocals.

ANATOLIA's first CD Folk Songs and Dance Music of Turkey and the Arab World was released in 1996. Lost Songs of Palestine was released in February, 2001. Middle Eastern Songs and Dances for Children was released in 2005.